Han Returns to Earth

A novel by Barbara Brown

han bookThink upon your everyday life, its pains and joys …and then imagine that one day, out of the blue, when you awaken and open your eyes, you behold a Chinese Sage in the corner of your bedroom. You receive a high-octane transmission of love, wisdom and energy. You blink, and he’s gone. Only to re-appear, at different times, at each moment bringing the same extraordinary infusion. Your life changes. You will never be the same, Your teacher, your Beloved has arrived to shake you and stir you.

This happens to Jack Goodman, a teacher of t’ai chi who lives in London. The lives of his wife Miriam, his enigmatic student Marie, four men who try to steal his wallet one night, an eighty-one year old prima ballerina, Hannah, who nurses a dreadful secret after an encounter with evil, are all touched during the Seventy days and nights that the Ancient One, Han, dwells upon Earth, invisible to all but Jack

Han Returns to Earth speaks to a longing within us for the mystical, for guardianship and accompaniment and the benevolent use of power. It brings us to experiences of reconciliation and allows us to stand before hitherto unknown realms of existence. Han brings a sense of cosmic joy and astonishment to our lives which will never be the same now we’ve met him.